Thursday, 9 May 2013

EAL Apprentices help decommission Scottish nuclear reactor site

The decommissioning of the UK's centrepiece for fast reactor nuclear research and development is providing local learners with jobs and skills for the future. 

Twenty-two apprentices are working towards EAL qualifications at Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd (DSRL), near Thurso, Caithness, adding to the thousand or so people who have already undertaken apprenticeships at the facility since 1955.

The site employed some of the nation's leading scientists and engineers, who worked with plutonium, uranium and other metals to generate electricity for Britain from a more advanced type of nuclear reactor.

Now this work is complete, a new generation of engineers is working to decommission the site and restore the surrounding environment to its original condition. The majority of the apprentices at Dounreay are from the local area and are employed as maintenance technicians.

Supported by EAL, they are given the opportunity to complete an engineering apprenticeship and gain employment in northern Scotland – all apprentices over the past 12 years were offered permanent jobs. They also gain skills that are easily transferable to other renewable energy sectors, such as wind, tidal and wave energy....READ MORE
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