Thursday, 3 April 2014

Leaving school this summer?

It is a scary thought leaving school without a plan, so open up your options and become more knowledgeable about what is right for you.

Shannen from the Apprenticeships in Scotland team talks about her plan after school “I always thought further education was the route for me, I didn’t know I could go straight into work from school and get a qualification at the same time!” 

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. As an employee, you can earn as you learn and you gain practical skills from the workplace. 

A Modern Apprenticeship is a structured program of training and experiences that should result in nationally recognised qualifications or SVQ's (Scottish Vocational Qualifications).

To get started, why not speak to your school careers adviser. My World of Work has some great advice on taking the first steps after school, click here to find out more.

Ready to work on your CV? Click here to find out tips on where to start. 

To find out more about higher education please visit UCAS
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