Friday, 20 September 2013

Enterprise Apprentices Inspire Young Entrepreneurs

Apprenticeships in Scotland have been contracted to deliver the Enterprise Game to Primary and Secondary Schools throughout the county by Fife Council.

The purpose of the game is to simulate demand for enterprise amongst young people. The board game consists of local Fife businesses; this makes the pupils aware of the companies in the Fife economy. The Enterprise game is delivered to pupils aged 11 – 16 (Primary 6+) by our team of Enterprise Apprentices.

“The Enterprise game complements the curriculum very well, the children had a great time learning how to make good business decisions, to weigh up the pro’s and con’s and to take assessed risks.”
Ewan Trousdale – Head Teacher at Rimbleton Primary School

“The Enterprise Game is a board game designed to infuse Enterprise in the minds of young people in a fun way. The game enables young people to run their own business and get an idea of what running your own business entails.”
Afifa Kanham – Business Teacher at Glenrothes High School

“Delivering the Enterprise Game as part of our Enterprise Apprenticeship is so refreshing and it gives the young people a better understanding of running a business. The game enlightens pupils of the option to run their own business, and being a part of this is a great experience.”
Rebekah Beaton – Enterprise Apprentice at Apprenticeships in Scotland

“I learned how to work and mange a business by building up money to buy more products or businesses and learned how to work as a team.  I now understand the term enterprise and will use it throughout life”.
Rebecca Guild – Pupil at Glenrothes High School

As part of the Culture of Enterprise Framework, the Game is helping to change attitudes towards business and entrepreneurship, and helps young people understand the wealth of business and career opportunities available to them in future years.

If you would like to know more about the work we do in schools, contact the team today on 01334 844 900.
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